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Tenant Engagement

West Herts Homes is committed to consulting with our tenants on matters that affect their tenancy.We will seek the views of our tenants on how they wish us to communicate with them and how they prefer to communicate with us. We will keep all of this under regular review to ensure a good two way flow of views and information. We are developing a “house meeting“ format for consulting with tenants who live in homes with shared facilities, and, wherever possible, adopting a “peer landlord” approach. Since 2018, we have committed to holding a minimum of 2 consultation meetings each year which all tenants will be invited to attend, and where there are issues that are specific to a particular location we will arrange more detailed and bespoke consultation.

Tenant consultations taken place in 2022

22 June 2022 

Advice on Universal Credit and Photography competition

10th August

Tea in the Park, at Verulamium Park, St Albans

November 2022

Tenant Consultation:  

Service Charges

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