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Tenancy Responsibilities

Before you sign up for a tenancy with West Herts Homes, we will explain our responsibilities to you, and your obligations to us. All of this will be confirmed in the tenancy agreement that you are provided with, which may be supplemented by a tenants’ handbook and/or other literature. Your tenancy agreement is a legal document, and a contract between you (as the tenant) and West Herts Homes (as your landlord).

Tenancy Responsibilities

As a landlord, we will ensure that the property you occupy is safe and we will carry out regular inspections to make sure any items that need repair or renewal are dealt with. We will also, at least on an annual basis, inform you of the rent that you are due to pay, together with any service charges and other charges you need to pay.

Like most housing associations, we will review rents prior to April each year, and inform you of any changes. We will give you 28 days prior notice of any variation in your rent and/or variation in your service charge(s).
You will have security of tenure, as defined by your tenancy agreement, so long as you meet the obligations of your tenancy.

Your main obligations are to pay the rent and any other charges that are due, on time and in advance; to report any repairs that are required; to keep your property clean and tidy; to help keep any communal areas clean and tidy; and to not do anything that may cause nuisance or annoyance to your neighbours or compromise your safety or the safety of your neighbours or any visitors.

You must not store any inflammable or potentially explosive materials, or any illegal substances, at your property. West Herts Homes does not permit smoking in any of its properties. 

If you give notice to terminate your tenancy (see below), we require you to allow access for the Housing Officer to carry out a pre-termination inspection, and also allow the Housing Officer to show prospective tenants around your property at an agreed time.

West Herts Homes’ Housing Officer will visit twice yearly to assess your needs and property condition, reporting if any routine repairs will be required in the near future. The Housing Officer must be allowed access to the property and to assess your needs. 

If you have any concerns regarding your tenancy or the property where you live, please contact us immediately on 01442 244484.

Tenancy Termination

We require a minimum of 28 days written notice from you, if you are intending ending your tenancy. Rent and other charges are due until the final day of your tenancy, and it is your responsibility to return all keys to the property by the final day of your tenancy. You must also clear all personal goods from your property prior to surrendering your keys.   

If we do not receive written notice of termination from you, we will have to seek an order from court to end your tenancy, and rent will be due from you up to the date we gain possession.

We reserve the right to charge for any works required upon termination of tenancy, including any necessary repairs, clearing of rubbish, redecoration, changing of locks, etc.

Paying Rent

Paying Rent

One of your main obligations as a tenant is to pay your rent and other charges when due.
Your rent is payable in advance weekly as stated in your tenancy agreement.
You must make sure that your rent account is in credit and does not go into debt (we call this “in arrears”). You need to have a clear rent account even if you receive Housing Benefit.
If you receive Housing Benefit, it is paid 4 weeks ‘in arrears’. This means that West Herts Homes only receives your Housing Benefit 4 weeks after you have been living in the property.
If you receive a housing payment from Universal Credit, it is paid monthly in arrears. It is your responsibility to make sure you pay your rent and other housing costs to your West Herts Homes in full.

Standing Order

This is the most convenient way to pay your rent or service charge.          
Payments by standing order can be set up weekly, fortnightly, or monthly on a date to suit you. Unlike direct debits you will need to let your bank or building society know when your payments change.


Your bank or building society will need the following information:
Account name: West Herts Homes Limited Sort Code: 30-93-68 Account Number: 21650968
Bank name and address: Lloyds Bank TSB, Regent Street, Chelmsford CM1 1JS


New tenants: You will be provided with an Allpay card when you become a tenant with West Herts Homes. 

Current tenants: To obtain an Allpay card, please contact West Herts Homes office on 01442 244484.

Allpay Payment Options

We now have another way for you to pay your rent using your Allpay details via an automated telephone line or online.

You can pay at a Post Office or any outlet displaying the PayPoint logo.

Telephone payment line enables you to make secure payments from a landline or mobile ‘phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How to use the Allpay Automated Payment System

You can call the Allpay telephone line on 0330 041 6497 *please see below

  1. When your call is connected, it will say you are being connected to Allpay

  2. You will then hear a message asking you to use your telephone keypad to enter your PRN (payment reference number, see below ) – this is the long number on your Allpay card

  3. You will then be informed that you are now ready to pay West Herts Homes

  4. You will be asked to enter the amount you would like to pay

  5. You will be asked to enter your debit/credit card details into the telephone keypad

  6. At the end of the call, you will be given an authority code to confirm the payment. This is your proof of payment so please do write that number down. You will need to provide us with this number to enable us to identify a payment you may have made.

What if I have problems using the automated system ?

The automated system will divert the call through to the Allpay call centre where a member of staff will help you make the payment if any details are entered incorrectly. 

*Please note: Calls are charged at the same rate as normal landlines starting with “01” or “02”, whether you call from a landline or a mobile.  If your phone tariff offers inclusive calls to landline numbers, calls to numbers starting “03” will be included on the same.


To pay online please use the following link - to use the link you will need to enter your PRN (payment reference number, see below ) – this is the long number on your Allpay card.

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